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A Care Giver Wanting to Help Others

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A Care Giver Wanting to Help Others

Hello, it is nice to meet everyone... I am a Care Giver to my Husband, Step-Son and Father.

It is amazing how our loved ones can change in the face of illness, injury, disability, or aging. We give our hearts to helping these people through their daily lives, and sometimes we lose track of our own happiness. In my case, I need to assist my husband and step-son with dressing, cooking, cleaning... and other daily chores. I have often felt over-whelmed... I have even run away at times, and have felt like the loneliest person on earth... during some occasions.

My best advice, don't give up. You ARE making a difference. I have suffered through the trauma of witnessing my loved ones "transform" into people I never met, because of their pain, frustration, and or worries. It will be okay, the good moments are WORTH it. And they will always be there..

As a care giver, I have often thought of how I can help other care givers... I am always one to give feed-back and advice. Our task is not an easy one. We can accomplish anything.
But sometimes we need assistance, I have spent the time and researched the Medical Supplies we use daily... and came up with an inventory. As a care giver, I am wanting to help make our lives easier by supplying these Medical Supplies.

Currently I am looking for more feedback, and am inviting you to view my website to see how I can provide better supplies... And prices. My products are currently for sale. If you see anything you may need don't hesitate to ask.

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