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Changing clock habits

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Changing clock habits

I have an elderly father (95+ years) whom I've become the primary care-giver, on the passing of my mother.

He is almost totally blind, almost entirely deaf, but manages to walk around the house from memory.   He also suffers from very painful arthritis everywhere.  Due to that, he finds it most comfortable to lay down for most of the day, and so, sleeps for most of the day.   At night, he's up 5-6 times (to bathroom mostly) but turns on all the lights and wanders around a bit for 20 min at a time.

The completely disrupts my sleep, and in taking care of him all day, and juggling my full time job, the lack of sleep is ... well .... driving me crazy.

Are there any suggestions of how to switch his clock, make him more comfortable during the day (he's on a blood thinner, so aspirin and products containing aspirin have been a no by his doctor)?