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Emergency Emotional Support

Thank you so much in advance for all the support I already feel that I am receiving just from joining a large group of fellow caregivers. Just a quick intro... I'm 25 and just moved in with my Aunt who was diagnosed with colon cancer in October. I feel very fortunate that I am able to adjust my life so easily to help her out and relieve a large amount of stress and worry from the rest of my family. I have a huge support group in my family and friends. But... when I continue to talk about my aunt to everyone I start to feel that my words are taken as me being overwhelmed or too stressed and complaining.... So I need a place to turn where my words will be just what they are (things that are constantly running through my mind) and will not make anyone think I'm in dire need of help. Today for instance my Aunt is having a very bad day and while home here I can vent online where she can't hear me like on the phone. In about twenty minutes we will head to the doctor's to have her chemo pump removed and receive fluids. I am wondering if anyone has heard of a support group that uses texting. That is something I can take everywhere with me and will not be noticed by anyone else. Please let me know if anyone has heard of such a resource. Thanks for the time and any thought out towards us!

Hi Keri,
Hi Keri, Welcome and vent away. Most people who have not done this don't really understand. It doesn't seem so bad until you live it.
LOL understand completely and
LOL understand completely and really if a person has not been a caregiver they will never understand.We no longer have normal conversations about weather, how the camping trip went or what you doing tomorrow. Between arranging doctors appointments,hospital vists or picking up meds our conversations are...range from good morning how you feeling,whats hurting to when was your last bowel movement! There is no site I know of for us to have instant messaging like text or even twitter for the alone time we actually have to talk or vent is always few and far between or late at night. But awesome concept something to think about which would be way cool!
(((((((((((KeriAllison))))))))))))) I sometimes listen to music on the computer at night and browse the forums and/or post here. My husband thinks I'm listening to music... I understand the dilemma with talking on the phone. There are many ears here as well, and they latch on to one word or phrase and blow it out of the water. That's what happens when you have a big family with good hearing, I suppose... ;-) Welcome! Gaby
Welcome Keri!
Welcome Keri! Having an 'on the go' support network you could access via cell phone is an awesome idea! I know there are support forums who use email and email is accessible by phone but I don't know the name of any off-hand. But they're out there. I joined one after our original support network was shut down but the name of it escapes me. Try a Google search....