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Rock and a hardplace


I am 33 and me and my family (wife, 43yrs & daughter 31mths) moved back in with my moms to save money, clear debt and get a new house.

My moms fraternal twin sister is mentally ill (Paranoid Schizophrenic, Bi-Polar) lives with us, along with step father.

Issue is, my mom is extremely verbally abusive, and in the past has been phiscally abusive with my aunt. Even my step-dad can be verbally abusive. They constantly yell if my aunt spurts stuff out (she hears voices and sometimes takes to them), paces (she is manic at times when decomposated) and even squirt her with water (to wake her up or keep her from talking (her meds tire her out, and she really can't sit still, meds and illness) .

She can't drink or eat anything past 6:30 (because she has to pee or will start pacing, or otherwise "bug" them).

I feel really bad and can't stand the way they talk to her or treat her.

But I depend on this place for a house, and
If I even try to talk reasonable with them, it'll cause so much drama and turn into a big ass argument...and me and my family will be thrown out.

If I just call Adult Protective Services illnhave about a week to find a place for me and my family.

Talking to my sister (35 yes old), she says do it, and thanked me for finally wanting to do something. Both her and my oldest niece(14 yrs old) have witnessed this first hand.

I need some outside opinions and advice.

Do I call Adult Protective Services and report my mom for verbally, mentally, and physically abusing my mentally I'll aunt?

Do I try to talk to my mom and hope her common sense and reasonable side comes out?

Do I call the cops?

Please help...

What your mom Is doing cannot
What your mom Is doing cannot continue. If it were me, I'd report her immediately!