Can people with diabetes get rhinoplasty?

Can people with diabetes get rhinoplasty?

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Can people with diabetes get rhinoplasty?

Hey!! My sister is a type 2 diabetic patient. She has been diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. I have been caring her since then.  She has deviated septum and her nose tip is wide. She hates her nose since her childhood. She is considering rhinoplasty surgery. How much does rhinoplasty cost in Toronto? She has been waiting for this long year to undergo the surgery. Due to some personal reasons, she couldn't make it back then. But I'm concerned about her health. It takes time to heal for a small wound. I don't know how long will it take to heal after undergoing rhinoplasty. She is planning to narrow her nose tip along with deviated septum. Has anyone here with diabetes undergone this surgery? Will it improve her breathing? She had breathing problem since her childhood. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!     

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