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Another newbie

My 76 year old mom moved in with us 1.5 months ago and we're all very stressed.  She is on waiting lists for low-income independent housing, she can take care of herself but has mobility issues on top of a lot of health problems we're still seeing new specialists for (she's returned to the area after 9 years away).   Her anxiety and depression are the worst, she refuses most requests and offers of healthy food.  And now my husband is nagging me to work more hours and bring in more money.  I'm an only child.  Our 15 year old twin daughters are doing great, although they've never been close to my mom and she's hard to relate to.

I am in a caregiver support group at the local senior center, working with a caregiver advocate, and hired somebody to come and be company for her twice a month (she won't go to the senior center despite my offers of rides).  Also we're looking into other transportation options.  

I'm getting a lot of help but I'm still struggling.