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Good afternoon and Happy Mothers Day! I stumbled across this website while looking for support in our new situation. My brother, who is 18, was diagnosed with major depression, general anxiety and OCD (intrusive thoughts) almost exactly 4 weeks ago. Up until the diagnosis, he was living at home with our mother. His "episode" hit rock bottom on April 14th (Senior Prom). He checked himself into a local facility for treatment/help. Since his return, he has been living with me and does not plan on returning home. He had 3 suicide attempts between the end of January and April 14th. As primary caregiver and supporter, I am trying to learn as I go and do everything right but each day brings a new and scary challenge. Just when i think my brother is making progress, he takes 5 steps backwards. He is currently on Zoloft however, it does nothing for him now that he has adapted. Tomorrow he is going to talk to his provider about a change in the medication and could be going back to the treatment facility to help in his recovery. I work a full time job out of town and have a husband that works long hours. I also have a daughter (13 years old) whom, as a result of working with my brother, I have started to see the anxiety and OCD red flags in her as well. I find myself having to pretend everything is fine but it's not. It's really really not. I rarely sleep and I am torn between working and taking care of my family. I cry daily in private. I guess that is my release of the pressure cooker of emotions I keep hidden. I worry that this is the way life will be from now on. I worry that my brother will attempt suicide again. I worry that my daughter is headed down the same path. I worry about finances and quite frankly, my own mental health at this point. Finding this website has given me some hope in the fact that I am not alone and that I can make this work. My ducks ate nowhere near being in a row but this website might help. I look forward to getting to know all of you!