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New and Need Support

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New and Need Support

So thankful to have found this site. My husband is in stage 4 Renal Failure and has been in dialysis for almost four years. There are no support groups for spouses of those in dialysis that I have been able to find. We've been married for 38 years, we have two fabulous children and three adorable granddaughters. My parents have demenia and help care for them and I watch my 15 month old granddaughter once a week. I support my family selling real estate, which I love. I've never been stretched so thin, even when my kids were babies.

When Greg was first diagnosed, I looked for a support group and wasn't able to find one for spouses of ESRD, just parents of. I'm grieving the thriving partnership we once had, the role reversal of being primary wage earner as well as caregiver, and watching my parents slowly slip away. Thankfully, we have our grandchildren to brighten our days. I think he would have given up long ago if not for them.