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New to the site not to caregiving

Hello friends,

My name is Jen and I am about 1 year in to providing care for my 81 yr old mother in law (who most of the time hates my guts).  I am also a 50 yr old grandparent raising my 2/12 yr old little since birth.  My husband and I moved his mother in a year ago just for care and support as she advances in age.

We noticed almost immediately that she had some odd agression that came from oit of nowhere leaving us scratching our heads.  After a 911 call where she told the dispatcher that I was trying to kill her and not allow her clean underwear and a second episode where she was coming after the baby with a cane, her primary care physician finally did some cognitive testing. We recently learned that she has Lewy Body Dementia. 

The biggest challenges we are facing is the lack of family members willing to help us.  She is also very deaf and prefers to stay in bed. Along with a host of other medical problems, thiis new diagnosis will most certainly impact her quality of life...and ours!!  

Medication mangement is a daily struggle that she refuses to give up control with. I am currently seeking some help from her doctor to order a MedaCube. The $1800 price tag out of pocket is a big one therefore I'm hoping if the doctor puts in an order we can get Medcaid/Medicare to help with some of the cost.  Does anyone have any experience or have any resources where we can rent or purchase used medical equipment?  

Anyhow, I hope to pop in now and again as we face challenges that are hard to navigate.  Take care of yourselves friends, our loved ones need us to be healthy and strong.