Complete Guide to Understand Dementia Behaviors | Caregiver Action Network


As a family caregiver of someone with dementia, you feel overwhelmed. You feel deep sadness. You feel unprepared to deal with your loved one’s dementia because you don’t understand what’s causing it and you just don’t know what you can do about it. 

It’s shocking, confusing, and upsetting when “dad starts to rant and rave” or when mom “talks to people who aren’t there.” Let yourself off the hook: you are not expected to know how to deal with these behaviors.

We hope we can help you get through some of the panicked helplessness you felt when these symptoms first started appearing with your loved one. We want to help bring you more bright moments of joy with your loved one even as their dementia progresses.

We want to help you better understand some of the symptoms that can come with dementia and what can be done about them. Yes, it may surprise you, but something can be done to address certain symptoms and reduce them.

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