CAN’s New Partnership to Further Engage Providers and Clinicians

CAN’s New Partnership to Further Engage Providers and Clinicians

Caregiver Action Network proudly announces a dynamic new partnership with Psych Congress. This partnership aims to elevate family caregivers’ voices to providers and clinicians. It aligns with CAN’s mission to support over 90 million family caregivers nationwide.

Psych Congress has delivered practical, case-based education to mental healthcare providers for over 36 years. It has built an exceptional community of attendees across the country. Psych Congress is the US’ largest independent mental health educational conference and a place to fill up countless practical pearls to personalize treatment strategies better. Psych Congress serves as a unique, integrated forum for the entire mental health team. It brings together psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and other professionals. They focus on practical education to enhance patient care.

CAN Partners with Psych Congress

Jodi Koehn-Pike recently joined the Congress team. She lent her caregiver perspective for the Satellite AAFP Symposium. The symposium was titled “Essential and Evolving Strategies for Recognizing and Addressing Agitation Associated with Dementia Due to Alzheimer’s Disease: Collaborative Care with Patients and Care Partners”. Psych Congress provides this kind of practical, case-based education for mental healthcare providers.

“We are excited for what this innovative new partnership with Congress will bring,” said CAN CEO Marvell Adams Jr., “The family caregiver perspective must be a part of providers’ and clinicians’ continued learnings, because of the critical role that we know family caregivers play in the day-to-day care of their loved ones.”

“We are thrilled to announce the partnership between CAN and Psych Congress,” said President and Chief Learning Officer of HMP Education, Randy Robbin. “This partnership strengthens Congress’s mission to enhance patient care. Family caregivers are recognized for their crucial role in ongoing care. We must incorporate these unique and comprehensive perspectives into the ongoing education of clinicians and providers. Together, we can increase the quality of care among millions of families nationwide.”

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