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Sneaking Laxatives into my husband's drinks

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Sneaking Laxatives into my husband's drinks

Hi everyone! Would anyone have any advice on finding a laxative that I could dissolve in juice, that wouldn't impart much flavor or color? My husband with Alz. refuses to take pills. I was dissolving Senna in his coffee, which concealed the bitterness, but he won't drink coffee now, only juice. And he has a good sense of taste, so he'll notice any bitterness. Any suggestions for how to sneak laxatives to him? Thx!

My mother in law has
My mother in law has alzheimer's and we have delt with the same problem. We put Benefiber in her juice or milk every day and it has helped with constipation. It has no taste at all and no color and the consistency of the juice is not affected. Good luck!
Miralax is tasteless and
Miralax is tasteless and colorless. Try that:)
Have you considered foods
Have you considered foods with laxative properties? Trader Joe's has a sugar-free/low-carb 50% dark chocolate that is sweetened with maltitol. It says on the package "excess consumption may cause a laxative effect". The serving size is a quarter of a 100g bar. I've tasted it myself, and it is pretty good, though I prefer darker chocolate than 50% and I found its little bit of cinnamon flavor rather unexpected. Works for my Dad. Alzheimer's sweet tooth satisfied, low-carb, and dark chocolate. What more can you ask ?-)