Marvell Adams Jr., CEO of Caregiver Action Network

Marvell Adams Jr., CEO of Caregiver Action Network

Marvell Adams Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Marvell Adams Jr. is a highly skilled advocate, educator, and leader. He has a lifelong commitment to serving caregivers, marginalized communities, and older adults. After a nationwide search, the Board of Directors unanimously appointed Marvell as CEO of Caregiver Action Network.

Marvell has shown dedication to serving caregivers since high school. He became fascinated with Alzheimer’s disease while completing a biology report. He pursued his education at the College of Charleston, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Marvell later obtained a Master of Healthcare Administration specializing in Aging Services from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Marvell’s Lifelong Commitment To Caring For Older Adults

Throughout his 20+ year career, Marvell has committed to serving caregivers and older adults. His experience includes diverse environments such as highly regulated residential care. He also focused on process improvement in primary, acute, and post-acute care within the $4 billion University of Rochester and URMC System. CEO of a large, highly diverse life plan community and corporate COO within the $400 million Kendal System; and dozens of accreditation visits as a 13-year veteran surveyor for CARF International.

Marvell coaches and practices highly trained dementia skills. He has extensive experience understanding and teaching the perspectives and needs of persons living with dementia. Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility are central themes in all aspects of Marvell’s work. He dedicates himself to fostering equity in caregiving for all.

Marvell has dedicated his career to leading not-for-profit organizations. He serves on the boards of respected aging services entities like LeadingAge and Pioneer Network.

His commitment has earned him numerous awards and recognitions, including LeadingAge NY Administrator of the Year and Forty Under 40. Marvell also lectures to students and mentors early careerists in aging services. Marvell has a very full and delightful family life in Baltimore, MD where he resides with his spouse and three children.