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Financial and Legal Tools


Can I get paid to be a Family Caregiver?
Have you ever wondered how you can get paid to be a family caregiver? There's no one-size-fits-all solution or answer but this article should help.
Find Out How You Can Become a Paid Caregiver
What documents will I need?
Caregivers may need to manage their loved one's finances. This is a handy list of legal and financial documents you will want to gather. 
Download Checklist of Documents
Planning for the Future
Discussing your loved one’s wishes with them now—before there’s a medical crisis—and getting all the necessary documents in order, helps ensure that your loved one will get the medical care they want if they become unable to communicate their wishes.
Advance Directives
Locating Benefits
There are a few places you can start your search for access to government benefits and assistance programs:
Benefits Checkup from the National Council on Aging if you are caring for a veteran

Food Assistance
Sometimes your loved needs a hot meal and you just can't be there. Many meal delivery services flourished during the pandemic. There are also places where you can look for food assistance benefits.
Find Your Local Food Bank
Find Your Local Meals On Wheels
Are You or Your Loved One Eligible for SNAP?
Questions to Ask an Elder Law Attorney
Sometimes you may find that you need to consult an attorney. If so, you will want to look at this handy set of questions to ask so you can be prepared for the conversation. 
Download Questions Here
Discount Programs for Medications
It is possible to get assistance paying for medications. You may also be able to find a better price at different locations. Here are a few places to turn for more information. 
TogetherRx Access Savings Program
NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card
Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Costs
GoodRx to compare prices and save
The IRS has a page of questions and answers to help family caregivers.  
IRS For Caregivers
Glossary of Financial Terms
Here is a great place to start so you can better understand some of the other tools.