Finding Support – Caregivers Need Help

Caregivers discuss the different support networks that work best for them.

Eunie, Caregiver for Husband, 9 Years, California:

I could not have come as far as I am without my family’s support, all of them included. My doctor’s support and his office staff have been wonderful, always providing the care I needed. Our neighbors have been great and understanding throughout this entire journey, offering their help and kindness.

If you do not feel comfortable discussing your loved one’s condition with others, ask another family member to help. Alternatively, you can ask a member of your faith community to talk about it on your behalf.You do not have to do this alone. – Suzanne Mintz

Laura, Caregiver for Mother, 8 Years, California:

I’ve had friends offer to take lunch for me or handle breakfast because my mom doesn’t have an appetite. She has to be coerced at every meal, and I’m finally at the point where I can accept help. A co-worker offered to handle dinner, sit with her, and make sure she eats, which is very helpful.…”

Joanne, Caregiver for Husband, 5 Years, California:

I’m still going to the support groups I have to do that, and I’m involved in my church, I can’t manage to get through this without my faith, I have to have the faith, and friends, I have a lot of supportive friends, and relatives, so…

Caregivers responded positively to interventions such as individual/group therapy, educational/training support, home-based visits or technology, depending on how they were delivered.

Wayne, Caregiver for Mother, 9 Years, California:

I have not relied on anybody for support, basically I’ve just taken the whole thing on my shoulders.

Joey, Caregiver for Husband, 12 Years, California:

…and it’s groups like this, the roundtable discussions that I think just let us see where we are and what might be down the road for us.

Dalel, Caregiver for Husband, 5 Years, California:

…being able to share and listen to other peoples’ stories, it’s basically the same, I thought it was just me who was going through this.

Joey, Caregiver for Husband, 12 Years, California:

…that would probably be my first step, is get involved in more support groups and then try to involve the family more.

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