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National Family Caregivers Month Sample Proclamation


Sample Proclamation for State/Local Governments
National Family Caregivers Month
November 2019


WHEREAS, over 90 million Americans today are family caregivers for their loved ones; and

WHEREAS, a large number of them are finding themselves working to share in the care decisions that affect the health and well-being of their loved ones; and

WHEREAS, although caregiving can be a rewarding experience, it is not without its consequences such as stress, poor health, and caregiver burnout; and

WHEREAS, six out of 10 family caregivers juggle everyday life tasks such as preparing the children for school, managing household responsibilities, and work full- or part-time. In addition, as a vital member of the care team, they have the responsibility of advocating for their loved ones and making decisions that lead to best care outcomes. Whether it be for a senior with Alzheimer’s or a child with special needs the required attention can be non-stop; and  

WHEREAS, caregiving affects the whole family, family time and mealtime are extremely important in the caregiving setting. Ensuring that the caregiver and family members get the proper nutrition is important for maintaining strength, energy, stamina, and a positive attitude; and

WHEREAS, making time for yourself and the family protects a family caregiver’s own health, strengthens family relationships, prevents burnout and can enable a care recipient to stay at home up to three times longer. The chance to take a breather and re-energize is vital in order for you to be as  good  a caregiver tomorrow as you were today; and

WHEREAS, with the responsibility of family caregivers in our country is growing every year, it is even more essential to encourage these heroes to take some time for respite so they may continue their mission of providing that loving care that only they can provide. 

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Mayor/Governor of City/State, does hereby recognize November 2019 as National Family Caregivers Month with the theme “#BeCareCurious” in the City/State.